Monday, 22 November 2010

Ciate Twilight Collection

Ok, so I maybe a moderate fan of the books, but I am definately a fan of this collection. It consits of three colours, Twilight, Fade to Greige and 3am Girl.  Fade to Greige is what initially attracted me to this set, I am a always a fan of a murky mauve, and when I couldn't buy it seperately I decided what the hey and brought all 3.

From left to right: 3am Girl, Fade to Greige and Twilight

3am Girl is a deep navy blue and though it is lovely I have decided out of the kindness of my heart to give it to my sister as I think it would suit her more.  Although I brought the set solely because of Fade to Greige I have to say that Twilight was a pleasant surprise, so much so that I actually think I prefer it.  Its twinkly golden flakes are very festive and perfect for the Christmas party season.

The brush is great for a smooth application and the even consistency of the nail varnish means that you can actually get away with one coat which is rare (though I still have applied two in the above photos).  On the chipping front, unfortunately I had Fade to Greige on for just one day before I had some pretty atrocious chips and had to take it off.  That may be due to the fact I stole my sisters base coat which was a cheap one. I have since put on an Opi base coat and have just finished applying Twilight so will see what the staying power is now like.

[Update: Twilight did last longer than one day without chips thank god, but the staying power isn't as good as OPI or even the Topshop nail varnish I tested last week.]

What do you think of Ciate? And does anyone have any nail varnish suggestions for Christmas?


LipglossAndLeopardPrint. said...

Gorgeous colours! Especially the Fade to Greige :)
Great post.. I really recommend OPI and China Glaze nail polishes :)

Sriya xx

Emily said...

Thanks Sriya! Will try China Glaze as I've already got quite a few OPI's! xo

Marilou said...

I always wanted to try this brand. They look fantastic. Nice choice of colours :)
You should get some Models Own varnishes, they have some stunning colours