Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Blog, New Make-Up

I am constantly reading everyone else’s fashion and beauty blogs and so thought that maybe I should finally start one of my own!  I decided to pop home from university for a bit as its reading week and whilst it is lovely being at home, it does have its downsides.  Namely, that I have a Mac store pretty much on my doorstep.  I had only popped into town to meet a friend for lunch (who is the type of person who has such a jammy personality that she will probably be famous at some point) and ‘accidentally’ fell into Mac. 

I brought a couple of eye shadow colours that I am missing (girlie and knight divine) and indulged a bit in the new Tartan Collection.  I do love a bit of limited edition Mac, however, I’m not sure I’m too keen on the theme this Christmas.  I ended up buying one of the pigment pots in Moonlight Night and a Vain and Glorious lip bag (which I subsequently had to give up as a Christmas present from my mum, so no review on that till later).  The pigment pot is gorgeous though! Will do it as a FOTD asap! I also really wanted Sir Teddy but they were all out!

On a side note, I have also noticed that coming home in an attempt to actually do some Uni work has other downsides. Firstly, there is abundance of food (compared to my fridge at uni) which means I eat a lot more, not good.  Secondly, I can watch Freeview in bed at home which means I am actually doing little reading.  Oh well! Better enjoy it while I can!


Liparazzi said...

Hello! I wish I had a Mac store near me...unfortunately I have to buy my stuff online :( Good luck with the new blog xx

Emma-Kate said...

I love your blog xox