Monday, 29 November 2010

Polish and.... Polish?

I had my usual fight with myself yesterday over whether or not to go to Westfields - I have been avoiding the place like the plague due to lack of funds - but unfortunately common sense lost out and off I went.  I wondered into Topshop and after the success of my last Topshop nail varnish (review here) I went straight over to the make up section and made another purchase.  This time I went for 'Ruthless', a deep blood red colour (more on that later).  As I was looking for the varnish I saw something else labelled as polish that was in a round pot, and remember thinking that was a pretty stupid idea for nail varnish (hey I was tired).  But fortunately it was a rather cute lip gloss, or should I say lip 'polish'.

I went for a rather cute colour called 'Poetic' which is a shimmery pink  It gives a nude shimmer to lips and its not sticky.  It's great for an everyday bit of lip colour and I love the Topshop packaging - the little mirror is a great extra touch.

The nail varnish is also a gorgeous colour, maybe its because I'm in the festive mood but reminds me of mulled wine.

It is definately worth £5 if it remains as chip free as the last one!


Beauty Addict said...

wow, that topshop gloss looks amazing!!! have to check it out!

ellerosee said...

have you tried the 'moving house' nail polosh from topshop?
i love it! defo going to be blogging about it soon... x