Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Skin Savers

Now that the cold weather has set in so too has the dry skin.  I'm not sure if it is just me but I get seriously cracked hands in Winter and will do anything to try and stop it.  I have one product that I absolutely swear by, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant.

Other than applying it on my hands its a great all round cream to apply on dry spots.  I use it on my lips, on the sides of my nose, on my elbows etc... also if you have very dry skin on your face you can also mix it with a bit of moisturiser.  The product is very rich and a little goes a long way, I have had my 30ml tub for nearly a year and theres still some left.

This is the little 30ml limited edition retro pot that I picked up last year for £16.

There has been some criticism of the smell and texture, firstly to me it does smell like a  cross between honey and petroleum jelly, I don't dislike the smell and probably would prefer it to something overly sweet.  With regard to the texture, it does have a greasy sheen to it but its a skin protectant so you get what you pay for.  The trick is not the slather it on, a little does go a long way and after you have applied it and allowed it to absorb this problem is solved!

My favourite time to apply it is in the evening so that I can let the product absorb overnight.  It's such a great cream with a variety of uses and I would recommend it to anyone that gets dry skin.  You can pick up the 50ml tube for £23 from Boots and although that might seem pricey it lasts forever!

On a side note, I am genuinely really upset that I have seen hardly any snow here in London!  I've heard some people have had about a foot of snow!  Whats it like in your area? And do you have any winter skin savers that you swear by?


Higgenbottom said...

the eight hour cream sound really great. i'm in southern california, so no snow, but we act like big babies at the slightest drizzle of rain and start driving erratically, so it's probably a good thing we don't get snow

Beautyfiend said...

I love the look of the 30ml retro pot of the eight hour cream! Are you in central London? I'm in greater london in the Kingston area and had like 3-4inches of snow last night!

Emily said...

@Higgenbottom well its pretty much the same here in London, the place decends into chaos at the sight of the first flake!

@Beautyfiend I'm a little bit further in than you, we've had a bit of snow but would only say about an inch though! I know as soon as I get some, I'll probably want it to to go away! I think they still do they 30ml pot but it has a different theme now, I think it might be anniversary edition.