Monday, 31 January 2011

Broken Dreams

T-Shirt: All Saints 'Broken Dreams' Tee
Shorts: River Island
Tights: Henry Holland for PP 'Bandana Tights'
Boots: All Saints
Ring: Asos double finger cross ring

Hi dolls!  As popped up a few photos of Jessie J's gig a few days ago I though I would post up my OOTD.  I was inspired by the Henry Holland tights that she wore in her video for Do It Like a Dude, so thought I'd wear mine!  I look a bit worse for wear as they were taken after I got in as I had no time before I went out.

My body clock is beyond messed up at the moment, I can't seem to get to sleep until 5am every night.  I wish there was some magical way of getting back into a routine, but everytime I try to get up early... I get tempted by a quick nap!  I did however, use this time wisely and finally managed to watch Inception.  If you haven't seen it, do! It is mind bendingly awesome!

Have still got to put up my giveaway (hopefully tomorrow or the day after at the latest!), some EOTD's with my new Sleek Palette and a couple of NOTD's.  Will get on it asap!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Stomp Stomp I've Arrived

Hello dolls!  Before I tell you of my adventures I thought I would let you know that I am now no longer living life as a hermit, buried under piles of law books, I can finally venture out in to the world again and have some sembalance of a social life!  Hooray! I would also just like to say a quick hello to all my new followers, and thanks for following even though I have been on hiatus!  As I have reached 100 followers, I have decided to do a giveaway which I shall post up later this week! 

Now back to the original post topic! I went to see none other than Jessie J two nights ago at KoKo in Camden.  It was so amazing that I can't even being to describe it!  Her voice, its just, WOW.  She looked absolutely stunning, she wore (what I think were Henry Holland/Pretty Polly) star print tights and a futuristic bondage body, complete with rubber harness and zips and platform lepoard print heels (you can take the girl out of Essex....).  Her make up was beautiful aswell, big black smokey eyes with bright coral nails that matched her lipstick. 

Heres a few of the photos I took, they are off of my iphone so not great quality, I also had the 'hipstamatic' iphone app on (which I am obsessed with and recommend it to anyone).  When my friend uploads her photos (from an actual camera) I'll try to post some more as her styling was out of this world!

Tinchy Stryder was actually the headliner for the night but they didn't tell us that until after we had brought the tickets so literally 90% of people were there to see Jessie.  He set was good though and he had loads of special guests including, Giggs, Devlin and Professor Green who turned up for Game Over.  Dappy from N-Dubz even appeared to do Number 1.


If you want to watch her perfomance its on MTV on the 1st of Feb.  It was an absolutely amazing night! If you ever get the chance, go and see Jessie J live, she will blow your mind!

What do you think of Jessie J and her style?  I don't know why but I find her style to be a toned down, slightly more edgy version of Gaga (whom I love).

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Just to say thanks

I was recently the winner of Kaushal's Winter Wonderland giveaway (her beautiful blog can be found here).  So I thought I would just do a post to say thanks and also show everyone what I got!  I won't be able to post properly until the end of January as I have so many deadlines for work that I am yet to finish, but as soon as they are out of the way expect some FOTD's with my new palette!

I won a Sleek Bad Girl palette, inkpot, blusher and a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Me and my flatmate Laura (blog here) genuinely demolished the Chocolate Orange in about an hour!  It was amazing, white with tiny coloured crystals!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am unfortunately chained to my desk!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Matte is Murder

I had been wanting to try a matte black nail varnish for a while so I had a look around but nothing really grabbed me, that is, until I found ManGlaze.  I love anything slightly oddball and a bit different so when I saw the bottle I knew this was the one for me, especially with a name like 'Matte is Murder'.  The nail varnish formula goes on easy, it is perhaps slightly on the gloopy side, but nothing to cause any problems and two coats is enough to give a thick even coverage.  Its strange that it goes on glossy but dries to matte!  I will say that you have to be quite careful of your brushstrokes as a matte texture doesn't hide them like normal glossy nail varnishes do, so try to blend as you go.  

I love the fact that the label on the bottle is a piece of art.  Though it is an American brand the artwork is designed by UK artist Jason Atomic.  The Matte is Murder bottle features 'either his talented yet severed hand or his muse, Suicide Girl MANKO!'  Unfortunately they pick which one you get, I would have preferred the other bottle but this one is still pretty amazing.

If you decide that you actually don't want a matte texture, just paint over one coat of clear nail varnish and viola!  This comes out exactly the colour you see in the bottle, glossy black with sparkly silver undertones.  I have worn my nails like this a couple of times but usually I just leave it matte as otherwise whats the point in buying it!  For those of you who liked the WAH nails post that I did (here) this look is actually created with matte nail varnish.  The leopard print that you see is just painted on with clear nail varnish.

 You can get ManGlaze from their site (here).  They currently have an offer on both Matte is Murder and Fuggen Ugly (which I also purchased, its a gunmetal grey colour), both are half price.  Though they are an American company they do ship to the UK and it was only about $6, well worth it in my opinion.  They come well packaged so I doubt much chance of them smashing on the way.  This genuinely is my favourite nail varnish, probably because it is so different!

What do you think of matte v glossy nail varnish? Has anyone else tried any matte nail varnishes and are they any good? 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Don't Fight the Terracotta

Is exactly what I said when my boyfriend told me he couldn't stand my latest purchase which he described as a 'teracotta painter and decorator's shirt'. Wonderful.  I on the other hand quite like the colour and it genuinely seems to be everywhere at the moment, I definitely noticed it in Topshop when I went in the other day, it seemed everything was the colour of some sort of earthenware.  I thought I would show you a couple of the things I got for Christmas in this outfit post including my lovely aviator jacket.  Excuse the photos, I don't particularly like them as I couldn't seem to get them right, but I have spent far too long messing about and neglecting the mountain of work I am actually buried under to take any more.  Anything to avoid work!

Jacket: Topshop
Shirt: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: Topshop Jamie jeans
Belt: ASOS
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

I also got the pocket watch necklace from ASOS (here) for Christmas.  I love the colour of it, its sort of a dull copper.  It is also a working clock (you get a guarantee and everything).  Needless to say I was pretty impressed and it didn't even cost that much.  I was also lucky enough to get a brand new watch from my mum for Christmas.  Its a Tag and I am so pleased with it!  I am far too scared to take it off though so luckily its waterproof to 300m (not that I'll ever be going that far, a quick dunk in the tub is as deep sea diver as I get).

Necklace: ASOS
Ring: Accessorize

I had a pretty good Christmas this year, I got lots of beautiful presents and got to spend time with my family.  However, my Christmas day was seriously hampered by an atrocious hangover and I had to have a nap halfway through!  Won't be doing that again next year for sure! 

Did you good Christmas? Anyone else hampered by a Christmas hangover? What was your favourite present?