Monday, 31 January 2011

Broken Dreams

T-Shirt: All Saints 'Broken Dreams' Tee
Shorts: River Island
Tights: Henry Holland for PP 'Bandana Tights'
Boots: All Saints
Ring: Asos double finger cross ring

Hi dolls!  As popped up a few photos of Jessie J's gig a few days ago I though I would post up my OOTD.  I was inspired by the Henry Holland tights that she wore in her video for Do It Like a Dude, so thought I'd wear mine!  I look a bit worse for wear as they were taken after I got in as I had no time before I went out.

My body clock is beyond messed up at the moment, I can't seem to get to sleep until 5am every night.  I wish there was some magical way of getting back into a routine, but everytime I try to get up early... I get tempted by a quick nap!  I did however, use this time wisely and finally managed to watch Inception.  If you haven't seen it, do! It is mind bendingly awesome!

Have still got to put up my giveaway (hopefully tomorrow or the day after at the latest!), some EOTD's with my new Sleek Palette and a couple of NOTD's.  Will get on it asap!


Alex said...

love the out fit ive been falling asleep at like 11 am everyday its horrible!

Miss*Kimmy said...

I love those tights! You remind me of Ashley Green =)

StyleFrost said...

Love your t-shirt and those boots are gorgeous! x

"this fashion lark." said...

I love your tightss! Great look x

char said...

I love your tights! I have a pair but am too scared to wear them in case I ruin them haha! X

Emily said...

@Alex I hate it! I need to get a new body clock! Can you buy them?! Lol.

@Miss*Kimmy I didn't know who Ashley Green was until I googled her! But, WOW thanks! I have only seen her in twilight but she looks really different in real life.

@StyleFrost Thanks hun, the tee is amazing, so forgiving! And I literally live in those boots.

@Char I know what you mean, I have had topshop ones that are similar and they ripped within about half an hour. The Henry Holland ones are far more sturdy! They have a reinforced bit around the top which is brilliant!


Princess Feef said...

super cool ,, love the outfit <3