Monday, 28 February 2011

Its wild round here...

Its quite addictive this nail art malarky, especially drawing on the leopard print, once you do one nail you can't stop!

I used Model's Own 'vintage pink' in a previous look (here) and loved the colour so wanted to use it again.  In order to create a bit of a different look I also used Model's Own 'purple ash' as a contrasting colour.  To create the leopard print detailing I used my Model's Own nail art pen (a very addictive thing).

I went out shopping yesterday and had loads of compliments, no one could quite believe that it wasn't a stamp and that I actually sat there and drew all the leopard print on!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Out here in this jungle...

I went out for dinner last night and as I had removed my nail varnish the previous day I had bare nails, which I didn't think was the best look for going out.  I looked along my nail varnish shelf and picked up Barry M's 'mint green' which I have barely used since I brought it a couple of months ago.  I have no idea why as I love the colour, perhaps I subconsciously think that it is too summery.  Pushing these thoughts aside, I thought why not, the suns been out the last couple of days, that counts as summer... right?

The formula isn't as thick as I would have liked and it took three coats to get it really opaque.  Thankfully, it was actually very fast drying so there was minimal smudging whilst I was trying to get ready with wet nails.  I also painted the whole lot with Barry M's 'basecoat, topcoat & nail hardener' which I actually really rate for £2.99.  I usually use Seche Vite but when I ran out I grabbed some of this, it leaves a very high shine, glossy finish similar to Seche Vite and it dries pretty quick too!

When I had more time I decided to create an accent nail by painting on a few spots of Barry M's 'bright pink' and then used my Models Own nail art pen to draw on some leopard print detailing. 

I'm really liking bright colours at the moment, but I do worry that some will look too garish on me! What do you think of the mint green? Any recommendations for bright colours that won't necessarily make me look like a hooker?

P.S. Don't forget you can enter my Wishing for Summer Giveaway (here) to win Barry M's mint green nail varnish!

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Pink Panther...

Ok, so it may be more of a pink zebra...

I recently acquired Model's Own 'vintage pink' as I thought it would be the perfect shade for spring, its a cute dusty pink.  I am currently supposed to be working on my dissertation and will literally do anything to avoid it, so when I glanced over at my shelf and saw my Models Own WAH nail art pen I thought 'hello procrastination'. 

The pen has two ends, one is a pen and one is a brush or 'striper'. I used the striper to create the zebra effect.  I have never used the brush before and it is honestly really easy to draw the stripes on, even with your left hand! 

When I first started using the brush I unfortunately had mass bristle fall out to the point when the entire brush fell apart.  I brought the pen from ASOS and have to give massive props to them for their amazing customer service! I contacted them to tell them that I had a faulty brush, they responded within an hour to apologise and said they would send me out a new one, which I received the next day! This one is great so must have just been unlucky!

I got a new ring which I love (the skull ring)! I was going to put up a link just in case anyone wanted to know where it was from (Topshop) but it isn't on the website.  However, I only got it the other week in Topshop Oxford Circus so if you're like me and obsessed with skulls you may still be able to get it there.  The cross ring I got a while ago from Urban Outfitters, its no longer in stock online but you can get an identical one from ASOS here.  

Friday, 18 February 2011

1940's FOTD...

Hey Dolls,

From my previous post you will know that I went to an event the other week where I had to dress in a late 1940's style.  I thought that I would post up close up pics of my hair and the make-up that I decided to wear that evening.

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation in NC25
MAC Studio Scuplt Conceler in NC25
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium (I usually use dark but as I was trying to lighten my skin a bit I went for a lighter shade)
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Benefit High Beam (as a highlighter under brow)
MAC Vintage Selection Paintpot (all over lid)
MAC Bisque (inner lid blended into vintage selection)
MAC Wedge (crease to make the look subtly defined)
Rimmel Black Exaggerate Eyeliner
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara
MAC False Lashes No.8

The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in dark

Carmex (helps lips to not dry out so much!)
Max Factor Red Lip Liner
MAC Red Lipstick

As for the hair, I was going to attempt to do a Veronica Lake inspired look, however this didn't pan out so well as I didn't have the time.  Instead I attempted a couple of Victory Rolls whilst sitting on the tube (don't think I did too bad a job considering)!  Its such a fun look and I wish I could wear it everyday.  My hair is always getting in my eyes as I always wear it down and it was lovely to actually be able to see for once! In order to do the Victory Rolls I used a pin curling technique (which funnily enough was from a video explaining how to actually get Veronica Lake hair), I will post it below in case anyone wants to give it a whirl!

You will also notice that my hair is slightly redder at the roots in this pic.  This is because after years of having hair so dark that it is practically black I am fed up with it and want to change colour.  However, this is easier said than done and is going to have to be done in stages in order to avoid the horror of hair stripping!

Hope you like!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

You look like you were in Pearl Harbour...

On Friday I went to an event in London where I was required to dress in a late 1940's style.... cue panic.  I do not own anything remotely 1940's and to be honest didn't really want to spend money on something that I probably wasn't ever going to wear again.  However, my best friend is a proper vintage girl and so raided my waredrobe for items that could be vaguely classed as 1940's.  She pulled out a few items and here is what I chose to wear!

Without flash

Blouse: Karen Millen
Pencil Skirt Karen Millen
Tights: Gipsy French Back Seam Tights at ASOS (here)
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Although I didn't want to buy anything I did concede and buy some seamed tights, which I now love.  I'm not sure how often/with what outfits I can get away with wearing them but they do amazing things for your legs!

After not being too keen on dressing up in late 1940's style I actually started to really enjoy it I also started to think that I actually look better like this than how I dress in real life, which is pretty depressing!

A post including my FOTD and close ups of my hair (I managed a couple of victory rolls!) will be coming soon.

Monday, 14 February 2011

WAH Nails... POW!

Finally I managed to get these pictures up!  In case you haven't read some of my previous posts, I am obsessed with WAH nail designs and am constantly trying to recreate them.  I finally decided that whilst I was in town I would actually go to WAH and get them done!  Since I brought the studs to do my WAH inspired look (here) I have been obsessed with them so I wanted to check out how WAH applied them.  The look below is what I went for and whilst I wanted studs I also wanted to go for a signature WAH look so got a few POWs!


The studs are surprisingly resilient and remained fully intact 6 days after I had my nails done.  After about 6 days I lost a couple and decided to take nail varnish remover to all the nails which had the studs on as I was going to a 40's inspired event and the studs weren't very in keeping. I did however keep the POW on the index finger as an accent nail and 2 weeks (thats right 2 weeks!) after I initially got them done they are still completely chip free!

I love WAH and completely recommend going to get your nails done there! Its amazing just to watch how they recreate all the designs!
If you want to check out their site for some inspiration you can find it here.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Baby I was born this way...

Went out for some last minute drinks in Windsor with some of my friends and so threw this outfit on.  I really wanted to wear my new tights but it was pouring with rain so had to pair them with my boots and socks instead of flats or a pair of heels (which is what I would have usually opted for).  I brought this skirt the other day from ASOS (shock) and I am in love with it! It goes with everything and can be worn both in the day or dressed up for the evening.  As you can probably see the skirt comes with its own belt attached. Now, I am usually quite disappointed with these belts and tend to bin them and just put my own on, but this one is surprisingly very good.

 Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: ASOS (here)
Tights: A japanese brand from Selfridges which I have no idea how to write out
Socks: New Look
Boots: New Look
Necklace: Topshop (similar one here)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about NARS at ASOS (here).  After reading everyone's comments I decided to to go for Deep Throat blush, however I was horrified to find that after only releasing NARS the other day it was already out of stock!  Will just have to wait for it to come back in I suppose.  I did however order the Mekong eyeshadow (Liparazzi's kind suggestion) as I wear a lot of browns and this one looks lovely.  Will do either a FOTD or EOTD as soon as it comes through.

Am off to an event in London tomorrow night where I am supposed to be dressing in late 40's style.  Have been so busy that I have been unable to buy anything so will just have to cobble something together from what I own.  Will see how that goes and post some pics up!

My WAH mani has sadly been removed as of today.  A couple of the studs came off but I still kept one of the painted nails as an accent.  I am still trying to upload the pics but the uploader keeps spinning them upside down, will probably have to reload them from my iPhone and try again.

Also, any Gaga fans out there, her single Born This Way is out today!! 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

NARS at ASOS, help required!

I have to say that I don't own any NARS products, I have never even tried any NARS products, I am therefore a complete and utter NARS virgin!  I have however, ordered an incalculable amount of things from ASOS (here).  Happily for me, from today the two have combined!  Whilst you can buy directly from the NARS website (here) this is the incentive I needed to actually jump on the bandwagon and try it out.  There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly I can get next day delivery on all the products for free, plus free returns which I can get collected if I have no time to go to the Post Office.  (This is because last year I decided to join ASOS premier as they had an introductory offer, £15 for the year, which meant that I could get next day delivery for free until my membership ran out, which was great as I was paying for it most of the time. - Have also just found out that this offer is running again until the 28th of February if you want to try it out!).

Importantly, and amazingly, because of ASOS's student discount (with a valid NUS card) I can get 20% off of the products!

To veiw the fulll range of to NARS at ASOS click here.

Here are a few of the products that I was thinking of trying:
NARS Blush in Orgasm (above) or Deep Throat
I have heard great things about both of these blushes, has anyone tried them out?

NARS Lipgloss in Misbehave
Or is there a seriously must have colour that I should be trying?
NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Brumes
I would have loved Rajasthan but alas it is sold out.

Do any of you dolls use NARS products and has anyone got any suggestions?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

p.s I was going to put up pics of my WAH mani but the photo uploader is going mental and turning them all upside down so will try again tomorrow.
p.p.s Remember to enter my Wishing for Summer Giveaway (here)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Pretty green eyes so full of sparkle and such light...

Hi Dolls, hope everyone had a good weekend?  Mine was a bit up and down really.  On the good side I got my nails done at WAH (pictures will be put up tomorrow) and got some new rings and make up, but, also found out that some people just have to make stuff up to entertain themselves which isn't so great.  But anyway, I popped into MAC to see if they had the Micky Contractor 'Oomph' eyeshadow as it was always sold out online, well, at least whenever I made an attempt to get it! Luckily they did so I decided to have a play around with it and chose to layer green and gold. 

Took this photo before I stuck the falsies on so you could hopefully see the see the colours a bit better.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Benefit Moon Beam (as highlighter under brow)
MAC Oomph e/s (outer corner)
MAC Sumptuous Olive e/s (centre lid)
MAC Woodwinked e/s (inner lid)
Benefit Mr Frosty White Eyeliner
Rimmel Black Exaggerate Eyeliner
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara (will have to do a review on this as I think its amazing for only £5!)
MAC No.8 False Lashes

I really liked the look of Oomph from the promo photos but when I got it home I thought that it looked really similar to MAC's Club and was worried that I had really just wasted money on something that I basically already had.  I thought I would put up a few comparison photos in case anyone was curious.

The difference between the two shadows is stark when you swatch them, Club looks so brown compared to Oomph and you can't really tell from these photos but Club has a far more metallic quality.  Overall, I prefer Oomph as its such a rich green.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wishing for Summer Giveaway

Its so horrendously cold at the moment, I literally can't bear to go outside.  I am longing for hot summer days and the possibility of venturing out in less than 10 layers of clothing!  Apparently, this was in my subconscious as I was looking for things for my 100 follower giveaway as all the colours are quite summery!  Excuse the quality of the pictures, I had to take them on my iPhone as my camera is currently on the fritz.

 The giveaway includes: Sleek Sunset Palette, Barry M Mint Green Nail Varnish and Sleek Eye Dust in Vintage.

 (please read carefully)
  • You must be a follower of my blog in order to enter (I will be checking!)
  • Tell me what your most looking forward to about summer!
  • Include your email address so that I can contact you.
  • The giveaway is open worldwide.
  • The giveaway closes at 23:59pm on the 6th of March 2011. 
  • The winner will be chosen via
  • I will contact the winner via email and you must respond within 72 hours.

  • I am going to give this Twitter malarkey another go so for one extra entry Tweet the about the giveaway: Its too cold to go out so stay in and enter @powderandgloss Wishing for Summer Giveaway! Enter here (please make sure your tweets are unprotected otherwise I can't see them):
  • For one extra entry add the giveaway picture (first picture) to your sidebar and link it back to the giveaway.
(Important: if you decide to do either of these then please let me know in your entry post on my blog)

Good Luck!