Wednesday, 9 February 2011

NARS at ASOS, help required!

I have to say that I don't own any NARS products, I have never even tried any NARS products, I am therefore a complete and utter NARS virgin!  I have however, ordered an incalculable amount of things from ASOS (here).  Happily for me, from today the two have combined!  Whilst you can buy directly from the NARS website (here) this is the incentive I needed to actually jump on the bandwagon and try it out.  There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly I can get next day delivery on all the products for free, plus free returns which I can get collected if I have no time to go to the Post Office.  (This is because last year I decided to join ASOS premier as they had an introductory offer, £15 for the year, which meant that I could get next day delivery for free until my membership ran out, which was great as I was paying for it most of the time. - Have also just found out that this offer is running again until the 28th of February if you want to try it out!).

Importantly, and amazingly, because of ASOS's student discount (with a valid NUS card) I can get 20% off of the products!

To veiw the fulll range of to NARS at ASOS click here.

Here are a few of the products that I was thinking of trying:
NARS Blush in Orgasm (above) or Deep Throat
I have heard great things about both of these blushes, has anyone tried them out?

NARS Lipgloss in Misbehave
Or is there a seriously must have colour that I should be trying?
NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Brumes
I would have loved Rajasthan but alas it is sold out.

Do any of you dolls use NARS products and has anyone got any suggestions?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

p.s I was going to put up pics of my WAH mani but the photo uploader is going mental and turning them all upside down so will try again tomorrow.
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AmberLynn said...

I love NARS. I would own much much more if the price wasn't so high. The blushes are amazing I own Oasis, Mata Hari, and Madly. Oasis doesnt look good on me but the other two are my HG! People say if you are darker to go with Deep Throat instead of Orgasm....but I am 100% sure on that. NARS powders are also amazing. As for lip and eye products, I just ordered my first ones from sephora today! I know a lot of people say the lipglosses are sticky or have an odd smell but with colors like that, it is hard to resist!

sophie rosalind said...

Nars Schiap is the most gorgeous, hot fuschia pink lipstick - google pics of Kim Kardashian wearing it, it is my ultimate pink. other than that Nars Orgasm and Nars Laguna are staples that I constantly swap back to despite buying many other bronzers and blushers. Honolulu Honey is one of my favourite nude lipsticks, as it is a nice creamy, warm nude (I can't wear very pale nudes as I look washed out) - this one is great. Happy Narsing! xx

Nude Obsession said...

I've got Orgasm and to be honest I don't find it lived it up to the 'hype'. I found the lipglosses to be too sticky and gloopy for me and that they would settle into the corners of my mouth.
Do ASOS accept returns on make up?! x

Rai said...

I find Orgasm to be overhyped. NARS has some better blushes. Deep Throat is nice, but there are some way better one than that too!

NARS eyeshadows can be a hit or a miss. Some are way pigmented than others.

I like the glosses. My favorites are Giza, Cchihuahua, and Stolen Kisses.

BeautyStalker said...

I agree with the ladies above Orgasm is a good blush but very overhyped, I really want to try Deep Throat. Not a fan of their lipglosses at all in my opinion the lipglosses are over priced.

Thanks so much for letting us know that their £15 intorductory offer is still going, I order from asos alot and I think its definitely worth it xxx

Liparazzi said...

I would recommend the Mekong and Nightclubbing eyeshadows, the turkish delight lipgloss and deep throat blush :) xxx

KLEE said...

orgasm is my favourite blush ever. it's lovely. think i'll be placing a little cheeky order on asos asap! xo

Emily said...

@Amberlynn I know what you mean, I have always been a bit put off by the price but you can't argue with 20% off right?!

@Sophie Rosalind I googled Schiap and it looks amazing, I am not sure if I can pull it off though. Maybe I would be better off trying Honalulu Honey!

@Nude Obsession I think that I might go for Deep Throat as I think @Amberlynn may be right and as I am a bit darker I would probably suit it more than Orgasm. Thanks for asking the question about returns, I have check and yes you can return make-up items to ASOS as long as they remain unopened.

@Rai Thanks for the info, I think that I am going to try out Deep Throat - how awful does that sound! I like the look of Stolen Kisses so may give that a go aswell.

@Beauty Stalker Yes I think that overall Orgasm does seem a bit too overhyped, Deep Throat looks the way to go! I love ASOS premier, if I even see a £6 bracelet that I want for a night out I can order it and get free next day delivery! Jump on the bandwagon and get some NARS from ASOS!

@Liparazzi I LOVE the look of Mekong, thank you for suggesting it!

Thank you to you all for your help and comments! xo

Imo said...

YAY! this is the best news! woop! x

Primp and Giggle said...

I say go for DEEP THROAT!! It's a GORGEOUS color & you will LOVE it!! xoxoxo :)

Vintage and Cake said...

Thank you so much for your comment, that is a great idea about the notes in the box. Thank you.
I have only ever used their eye shadow which is good, nothing major to me it's very pricey if you get it wrong. Topshop do great blusher check them out and sleek have some great eye palettes which are amazing. Plus there purse friendly and will leave you enough to try yourself to same barry M nail vanish or something .....sorry for all the advice haha xxx

Vintage and Cake said...

Sorry treat your self with not try haha

Mara said...

I'm a NARS virgin TOO! I haven't tried any of their products and I've been eyeing quite a few items for the longest time, like their lipgloss in "Turkish Delight".

roshas said...

I wanna try Nars too! I want Nars Torrid and Nars Laguna! Nars Orgasm seems far too glittery for me!

prettyladyloves said...

you should get laguna, its one of my favourite bronzers. I lov e you blog btw x

prettyladyloves said...

*love your