Monday, 14 February 2011

WAH Nails... POW!

Finally I managed to get these pictures up!  In case you haven't read some of my previous posts, I am obsessed with WAH nail designs and am constantly trying to recreate them.  I finally decided that whilst I was in town I would actually go to WAH and get them done!  Since I brought the studs to do my WAH inspired look (here) I have been obsessed with them so I wanted to check out how WAH applied them.  The look below is what I went for and whilst I wanted studs I also wanted to go for a signature WAH look so got a few POWs!


The studs are surprisingly resilient and remained fully intact 6 days after I had my nails done.  After about 6 days I lost a couple and decided to take nail varnish remover to all the nails which had the studs on as I was going to a 40's inspired event and the studs weren't very in keeping. I did however keep the POW on the index finger as an accent nail and 2 weeks (thats right 2 weeks!) after I initially got them done they are still completely chip free!

I love WAH and completely recommend going to get your nails done there! Its amazing just to watch how they recreate all the designs!
If you want to check out their site for some inspiration you can find it here.


char said...

Amazing! I love WAH nails and am allllways trying to do my own, so jealous you got them done there

KLEE said...

omg these are awesome! xo

Marilou said...

That's such a cute manicure!!! daring yet girly!

SheShotta said...

awesome ! very creative :)

R. said...

Thats amazing, so unique!


Mo said...

WAH do such a good job, don't they?! I love wah inspired nails.

Doma-Nikki said...

Love this look!

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