Thursday, 3 March 2011

Covet (verb): Yearn to possess or have (something)...

Why is it when you specifically want something you can never find it!  I have seen this dress on a couple of blogs that have posted about the Primark Spring/Summer Collection and as soon as I did, I wanted it instantly.

I popped into Primark and there was no sign of it whatsoever, so assumed that it would drop latter in the collection.  However, a few days later I then bumped into one of my friends who actually had it on.  After being assured that there were vast amounts of them, I went to Oxford Circus Primark yesterday in order to pick it up and what did I find.... one size 20 and one size 18. No no no! I need a size 10! Is this dress so in demand that a whole rail of them disappeared within three days?!  I wasn't happy to say the least, I mean braving a normal Primark is one thing, but if you go to Oxford Street you quite literally are taking your life into your own hands! Sharpened elbows at the ready!

I am a bit forlorn about it now, as apparently they won't get any more in (according to to Primark's ever 'helpful' shop assistants).  I absolutely hate it when you go out specifically to get something and its not there.  To be fair I would have probably been less annoyed if I hadn't planned an entire outfit around it for this weekend.  Massive fail. 

Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one that gets this wound up about not being able to get something they really want and Primark in general?


Chuui said...

That dress is so pretty, I should get myself down to Primark soon. I hope you eventually find one that fits! I hate it when there a only big sizes left...


Emily said...

Aw thanks hun, hopefully I will! Its annoying that I don't have much time to look at the moment as I've got a dissertation to hand in! xx

lady_flower123 said...

I love shoes & dress!

Follow me if u want:
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xoxo ;*

Malisha said...

I'm like that too, I get fustrated when I go to buy something specific and it's not there! Try going to a Primark that's less 'obvious' or 'popular' - I find that ALWAYS helps!

When the iPhone 3GS came out, I wanted it so badly, but every single shop in central London and surrounding areas had sold out of them. I eventually did get hold of one- guess where? in Hackney! Lol

Anyway Im a new follower, and I really enjoy reading ur posts!

Malisha xx

cheyenne davide. said...

ahahhaha i hate it when that happens, hope you find it :D
looks lovley x

Sarah said...

yes, this exact same thing always happens to me and i'm a primark size 6 so its even more difficult as they only seem to sell one size 6 in each style! I really want the longer dress in the collection with the black and nude.
hope you find it eventually though! the primarks in the smaller cities tend to have stuff in later then in oxford street!

Rachel said...

I hope you find it eventually! What a shame to have headed over to Primark Oxford Street and not being able to find it - that place is a death trap!