Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stila Make-Up Haul....

I promised myself that I wouldn't make any more impulse purchases, as due to my impulsive nature I end up with a mountain of items unused/still with their tags on.  But...once I found out that that there were Stila products online for ridiculously low prices, I couldn't help myself!

I got eight eyeshadows in total.  This included:
  • Four shimmers (Twig, Barefoot Contessa, Viola and Sparkle) and;
  • Four mineral matte (Makalu, Nanda Devi, Kalahoo, Illimani).
I then realised that though I love the eyeshadows, I have already have three matte colours very similar to the ones that I have just brought.  Fail.  However, all is not lost, I have decided to keep the all four matte eyeshadows for my next giveaway.  Out of the shimmers, Twig is definitely my favourite.  It looks almost brick red, but it gives a deep bronze shimmer.

From the pictures you can see that I also brought a bronzing cream aptly named 'sun gel' and a tinted moisturiser.  The swatches of these didn't come out so great in the pictures so I haven't posted them up but needless to say they are both pretty good! I usually use Benefit's 'talk to the tan' to add a bit of colour to my face, however, I have learnt that this is being discontinued (as well as my prized Jiffy Tan - what the hell am I going to do?!), so it will serve as a replacement for now.  

The tinted moisturiser was definitely worth the £2 that I paid for it, I got it in 'dark' as I wanted a bit of a glow, but nothing too drastic.  Its great for everyday wear when you don't want to look completely like you have bathed in fake tan.

I got the entire haul from M&M Direct (here).  I'm not sure what they have left but it might be worth checking out as some of the eyeshadows were as cheap as £1! I would also like to say thanks to Nude Obsession who pointed out this great giveaway and also to ask if anyone knows where I could get some inexpensive, empty Stila palettes to house the eyeshadows? I originally found some for £2.99 but they are all sold out now.... I should have been more impulsive! 


R. said...

Sparkle and Kalahoo are my favorite! Lovely haul :) xx

StealMyHeartLovee said...

Great haul & thanks for the swatches.

Xela Purple said...

Fab colours!

Vida said...

I always see Stila makeup on sale, and I am always tempted! I love all the colors you got especially the shimmers!

The Style Rawr said...

Wow such bargains!! We love stila eyeshadows, I still have some new ones I haven't used yet...I'm gunna try them now ;) <3



Marilou said...

Wow talk about a bargainlicious haul ! I never had the chance to try Stila products but I want to even more after reading your post :)

Imo said...

I love M&M direct, I bought some benefit shadows from there a while ago x

YB* said...

Wow, I like the looks of Viola and Sparkle!

ashley said...

I love all the eyeshadows!! So pretty colours! :)

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)